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Virtual Office in Warsaw


A business address in the right place can make all the difference in business. Our Virtual Office is a perfect solution for all the entrepreneurs willing to lower the office maintenance and the secretarial services costs, which ultimately helps to optimize the cost of doing your business. We offer you a prestigious business address at 115 Marszałkowska Street. Main office at this address will be not only well perceived by your business partners and contractors but also will give you the possibility to gain further competitive advantage. Choosing our Virtual Office you can forget about the secretary concern (inter alia employment process, finding the replacement in case sickness or holiday leave).

Virtual Office offers our Clients professional service regarding the received mail. We handle both incoming mail as well as all kind of parcels. All our Clients can register theirs company at our business address, which is accepted by all required local councils and offices, in particular by: National Court Register (KRS), Revenue Office, Statistical Office and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

In addition to meet your expectations regarding the cost-effectiveness of your business we offer you conference rooms rental on hourly basis as well as variety of other office services, including scanning, coping and binding of the documents.


Attractive Virtual Office Packages


Services available:







Registration of the company at our business address

Availability to place our business address on the different company handouts and materials

Receiving the incoming mail (regular, registered and courier)


+ parcels

Storage of the received mail


+ parcels

Information regarding the received mail send by e-mail


+ parcels

Informing the Client by telephone or e-mail regarding received parcels delivered by couriers




Scanning (on Clients request) the received mail and forwarding it to the Client by e-mail




50 pages

100 pages

no limit

On Clients request, sending all the received mail to the given address in Poland or abroad (extra postage required)





one a month

twice a month

Net price (VAT not included)

PLN 39 *


PLN 65 *

  PLN 80 **


PLN 60 **

PLN 120 *

 PLN 150 **

PLN 190 *

  PLN 250 **

PLN 290 *

PLN 350 **

*   12 months fee paid in advance
** monthly payment


Your Virtual Office address in Warsaw

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Virtual Office address at 115, Marszałkowska Street, reports to the following local councils and offices:

Warsaw Capital City District Court in Warsaw
XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register (KRS)
100, Czerniakowska Street
00-454 Warsaw

First Revenue Office Warsaw-Śródmieście
14, Lindleya Street
02-013 Warsaw

Statistical Office in Warsaw
21, 1st Sierpnia Street
02-134 Warsaw

Social Insurance Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych)
6/8, Senatorska Street
00-917 Warsaw

Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG)
3/5, Trzech Krzyży Square
00-507 Warsaw

Warsaw-Śródmieście District Council,
Business Activity and Licences Department
43. Nowogrodzka Street
00-691 Warsaw